IT Sourcing Management

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This module aims to expose the principles of sourcing management. 

Covering the full cycle from sourcing strategy definition to managing the relationship (including the closure/renewal, we will pass through the RFP (Request for Proposal) process and the selection of a Vendor, the contracting phase but also focusing on the transition phase).

It includes a review of common bodies of knowledge and sourcing Framework (eSCM) with practical and hands-on application based on a Case Study.

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What will you learn

At the end of the module, you should be able to:

Define the sourcing strategy of a company and understand the specificities, risks, challenges, and benefits of the different sourcing alternatives.
Know the fundamentals on how to implement each of the lifecycle phases from supplier selection and contracting to exit strategy, through managing the contract execution and the relationship, relying on best practices and with an awareness of the major traps.

Being able to use eSCM to assess sourcing maturity level and make it progress, along with other market frameworks.

Apply SFIA for resource planning, recruitment, and assessment.

Understand the most important legal challenges in the different areas where you can encounter a sourcing project.

Being able to draw-up a sourcing strategy paper at C-level of a company, with a focus on Corporate Social Responsability.

Understand the fundamentals of IT Sourcing Management


Learning objectives

Sourcing Strategy Define the sourcing strategy of a company and understand the specificities, applicabilities, levelers, risks, challenges, and benefits of the different sourcing alternatives.
Vendor Selection and Contract Management Learn how to scope and express the requirements, execute a call for tender, evaluate, and select suppliers.
Transition and Transformation Understand the challenges linked to the transition to an outsourced operating model and how to deal with the change management aspects of the organisation.
Relationship Management Learn the basics of Relationship Management, including the evaluation of performance and disengagement. Be aware of how do organisations, employees, and managers need to operate effectively in an outsourcing environment.
Case Study and Writing a Sourcing Paper to C-level Apply the knowledge acquired so far to an end-to-end Case Study. Discover best practices to write a Sourcing Paper at the C-level of a SCR Sensible Company.
Legal Concerns Best practices on how to write and manage good service contracts that anticipate problems and protect the company.
eSCM and other Sourcing Frameworks Understand eSCM and be able to use it as a sourcing maturity assessment tool.
Skill Management Use SFIA as a tool for competence management, hiring, and evaluation of staff and career management.
The module is concluded by an assessment (multiple choice questionnaire, short assignment, workshop, report writing and/or presentation before a panel jury) to validate its completion.

Topic Leader
Philippe Bardyn


Philippe has recognised expertise in IT Management in various development and production environments, IT Strategy and Outsourcing, Programme Management and Systemic Organisation Enabler. In the past, he had different positions in IT Management with 5 years spent at BNP Paribas Fortis as Head of IT Sourcing and another 3 years as Head of Group Partnership Management. Philippe obtained a Master's degree in Management Science at Louvain School of Management, being certificated in Competence and Change Management at UCL.


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