Applications Build and Management

IT & Information Security Management Education

This module provides a strategic linkage of IT to business, describes the software development lifecyle and methodologies, outlines the technology platforms and architecture models in which modern applications reside, the programming languages created in and perhaps most importantly in today's world, how they can be secured against malicious cyber attacks.


Participants of this module will gain a broad high-level understanding of the IT management practices needed to successfully develop, manage and deploy critical IT applications for their organisations.

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What will you learn

Our objectives for you are to:

The Supply and Demand framework and the different Governance and Maturity methods used for application management. 

The different Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies.

The basic technology building blocks and how they interact.

When the use in- or outsourcing, open-source or Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS).

The importance of Governance, Quality, Auditing & Risk in development and methods that exist to manage it.

Common programming languages that are used, how applications are modeled and implemented through patterns using frameworks.

Importance of application security and methods that exist to manage threats.

The operational and delivery life cycle process from inception, going over release-, change-, configuration management to disposal.

Understand the fundamentals of

Applications Build and Management


Learning objectives

Application management overview & positioning Learn where Application management fits in the Business/IT environment. Learn different application development methods and their appropriateness depending on the type of application.
Application development life cycle activities We use concepts from the first class and enrich that to create an end-to-end view up to deployment into production.
Application management governance, assurance, risk and audit A number of general concepts like governance, assurance, risk, quality and auditing are used to ensure applications deliver what the organisation needs and perform according to that need.
Application infrastructure foundations Applications run in private data centres and in the cloud. This module will present the basic technical infrastructure needed to host applications, as well as the concepts of abstraction through layering that are used to run application components.
Application architectures Students will learn about application patterns and architectures that allows separation of concerns in a structured way so that they are scalable, maintainable and performant.
Application development languages, platforms and patterns Students should get a high-level view of application development languages, the hierarchy, differences and similarities. Introduction to the main development platforms and used frameworks. Current evolutions, including mobile development.
Secure the application layer Understand how to assess, manage and control application security risks.
Putting the applications in production Once an application is ready for deployment into production it needs to be transferred to IT Operations through Change & Release Management. Once in production, applications need to be maintained and finally disposed of.
The module is concluded by an assessment (multiple choice questionnaire, short assignment, workshop, report writing and/or presentation before a panel jury) to validate its completion.

Topic Leader
Travis Dobias


As Topic Leader, Travis has a recognised expertise in IT Strategy & Execution, IT Governance, Project & Product Management, Change Management, Business Analysis, and People Management. He has a Bachelor in Business Administration and certified in ITIL V3, COBIT5, PRINCE2 and AgilePM.

"As a previous student of the IT Management Education (...), and as a practitioner in application management for several years, my goal as topic leader is to ensure a high level of content and teaching quality so that students get the maximum value from the time they are investing themselves at the Solvay Brussels School".

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